Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rasmalai - Quick and Easy

Happy Sankranti to all my friends. On the eve of sankrati , neighbors exchange sweets and as per popular saying "Teel gull gya anhi godh godh bola" which in simple translation means "exchange sweets and sweetness in your words "

I wanted to spread the same fervour over by making this simple and easy Rasmalai.. hope you all enjoy it.. and remember be sweet in your words as well!

20 -22 no. Haldiram's canned rasgulla (I used 2 cans)
4 cups Whole Milk (you could also use 2 % fat milk)
14 0z. Condensed milk
A good pinch Cardamom powder

Saffron strands


  • Heat up the milk until you see bubbles forming on the rim
  • Reduce the heat to medium and keep on stirring till milk is reduced to half
  • Add the condensed milk and keep on stirring occasionally for 15 minutes, the color will turn pale.
  • At this time milk should coat the back of your spooon and when it does switch of the heat, mix in cardamon and let it cool.
  • Take the canned rasgulla's, discard the liquid and squeeze out the liquid from each rasgulla by pressing them between your palms.
  • Add these rasgulla's to the milk and store it in refrigerator...its tastes better with time!!!
  • While serving garnish them with chopped or powdered nuts and 2-3 saffron strands and there you have it friends....Rasmalai, quick and easy!!!!!!!

You could store this rasmalai's in a air tight container for a week.


Asha said...

Looks delicious.You can make Cheese balls with Ricotta too,easy!
Nice reading Mumbai style Sankranthi.Hope you having a great time!:))

Sandeepa said...

Hee hee...even I do the rasmalai this quick & easy way.
It tastes really very good. Are you Marathi ?

Puspha said...


Anonymous said...

Great desert. Jyostna was looking at the post as I was reading it...she was licking her lips...i am gonna try....thanks for sharing

Krithika said...

Those rasgullas look delicious ! Happy Sankranti

Nidhi said...

WOW! Sri, your rasmalai are just perfect, they are looking very festive and yummy. Thanks a lot for sharing an easy recipe with us!

Happy Sankranti!

Seema said...

oh my i love rasmalai so very much and so much wanna gulp one of them.

TRS said...

Wow..what a great shortcut! I love this stuff!


Menu Today said...

I too follow the same procedure.
Your rasamalai looks colourful. Thanks

Coffee said...

Til Gud kuthe ahe??!! :)

I do thee same short cut when I am having guests at home :) But never tried it with condensed milk. Will do that next time. :)

Sri said...


Sandeepa: My in-laws are settled in that's my hubby's suggestion :). Isn't that simple and quick!!

Do try them dilipji and let me know.

Sure Seema go ahead have tht whole bowl.

Didn't make til. Try it with condensed milk.

vkn said...

Fabulous picture! Great results Sri. Never tried Haldiram's readymade rasgulla though.

sailaja said...

Awesome looking rasmalai and what a short cut!

First time commenting here and you have a very nice blog going here, Sri.

Maheswari said...

Rasmalai looks delicious...I make almost the same way.

Daagh said...


looks so tempting

Sumitha said...

Want to pick one and just gulp it Sri!Yum!

Buggy said...

wow I just loved ur blog.I am a new bee in blogging. after seeing so many food blogs and lovely dishes I am so impressed..keep the good work coming gals!!!

Sonu said...

Hi Sri,
Waah...what a superb Rasmalai recipe...!!! ur all recipes looks mouth watering. keep bring gud recipes on ur blog. I am going to be fan of ur blog.
Sonu. :-)

luckysanjana said...

now why didnt i think of that before.............i like this jhatpat recipe totally my kind.............take something and turn it into another so going to try this................

GeethuSathiyaN said...

Hi,ur recipes look so beautiful and tasty,rasmalai is more tempting...i'm new to blogging...pls visit my blog and encourage me...


Pierce Alex said...

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