Friday, February 02, 2007

Churetta Appam

Churette means fold in Malayalam, thus churettappam, this is what we called it at home. It is a dish that we make for breakfast. This is one of those snacks which I prefer to cook when I feel like lazing around and don't want to spend much time in the kitchen!

You can also find a similar kind of dish made in Bengal, named Pati Shapta which I recently came across at Sandeepa's blog.

For this recipe you could make the batter using just Wheat flour or Maida (all purpose flour) or could also do 50-50 or in any ratio I think you got the point. For filling you could add sliced banana or plantain as well , I am not a big fan of banana so left that out. The quantity for filling could be altered and measured as per your need and taste.


For Batter
3/4cup Wheat
1/4 cup Maida (all purpose flour)

For filling
1 1/2 cup Coconut scraped
1/2 cup Jaggery (you could also use sugar if you want to)
1 sliced Banana (optional)
Cardamom powder (optional)

  • For filling mix together all the ingredients from For filling in a bowl
  • For the batter mix in the flour and salt with some water to make it like dosa batter

  • Heat tava, use little oil if not using nonstick pan and spread a ladle full of batter as you would for dosa

  • After a minute or so turn it over and spread the coconut mixture in the center
  • Fold it towards the center from both sides

  • Take it out on to a plate with seam side down, and there you have it friends... Churettappam!!!

Shaheen's Plantain Pinwheel

Couple of days back I tried Shaheen's Plantain Pinwheel. They were out of this was really tasty. This comment is coming from the person who doesn't like banana or plaintain that much! Will definitely try again...Thanks for sharing this recipe Shaheen.


padmaja said...

Hi Sri
Your Churettu Appam looks delicious, I cannot eat anything sweet:(. Can we make this with veggies like carrots and beets??
Lovely recipe and so easy to prepare.

Sandeepa said...

Hey looks great and i like the name too
The stuffing mixture do you just put it or you cook it like we do too ?

KrishnaArjuna said...

Nice recipe Sri, I am going to give it a try.

Coffee said...

The appam looks delicious!!! Absolutely yum!!!!!

Mallugirl said...

i love that churatta appam.. is that the same thing what we call love letters in Trivandrum?we add one egg and milk to the mix(like pancakes).Thanks for trying out the pinwheels and am glad u liked it!

Asha said...

Looks delicious,Indian style French crepe!

RP said...

So you are a malayalee too? Good to know that. :) I make this appam with just ghee and sugar just because I want to keep it easy! Got to try with all those jaggery and coconut. Sounds yum!

Maheswari said...

Churetta Appam looks great..thanks for the step b step pic.s.Had it before,made with maida.Making this out of wheat flour is new to me.

Sri said...

Yes Padmaja, its a easy one to prepare...I have no idea about adding veggies instead but you could try it out, you never know! :)

Thankyou Sandeepa, no we don't cook it, just mix the filling ingredients and stuff it.

Sure KA, Let me know how it turned out.

No Idea Shaheen will ask my mamma. We loved your pinwheels.

Thankyou Asha...I don't know when will they fix your blog prob am still unable to comment on your foddie's hope..well atleast i can comment on aroma:)

Yes RP I am a malayalee :) Do try it this way too, if you have frozen shredded coconut it will still be easy one to make.

You are right Maheswari you could make those with maida too.

TRS said...

wow...looks great..and that filling combination is awesome! Bananas,coconut and sugar...I'd eat that by itself.

Thanks for your comment Sri on my blog, glad you enjoyed the Santoor, it is indeed very relaxing.


Anonymous said...

great appam recipe...thanks for sharing....take care friend

jacob said...

lovely. i don't think you get these in kerala restaurants any more. but glad to see the recipes thriving.

Sri said...

Trupti, Dilipji
Thank you

You're right Jacob we don't find this in restaurants any more!

Linda said...

yum-my! this looks absolutely delectable. i appreciate you sharing the recipe!

Seema said...

Appam looks delicious. I loved the way you depicted each step with seperate picturs.Makes us easy.

Mishmash ! said...

Hello Sri, Thanks for visiting my blog :)Never knew that u could make this with wheat flour as we use maida and one egg too in the batter and filling is usually grated coconut with a pinch of sugar and cardamom and we call it "mutta kuzhalappam' :)And this was/is my favourite evening snack :)


Sia's corner said...

love it... my amma makes this using maida for ganesh festival. for the filling she also adds 1/4 tsp of cardamom powder which makes it more aromatic. adding jaggary is a great idea:)

Gattina said...

YOur churettu appam is really deliciious, I like the coconut filling, almost bit it off from the screen!

sailaja said...

Such a lovely recipe! My son would love it a evening snack/tiffin and I have bookmarked it to try.

Sri said...

Thankyou Linda.

Yeah, it becomes easy to follow...Thanks Seema.

Shn,you can make this using maida also that how mostly my granny use to do...but didn't add egg even shaheen said that so.

Yes Sia adding cardamom powder does make it aromatic and jaggery makes it taste better.

Ha ha ha!!! Gattina you don't have to its so simple that you could make it, in a jiffy.

Do try it Sailja and let me know how it turned out and if your son love loved it?

Sushma said...

Came across your blog , you have a very nice dishes. Would be visiting more often.

Krithika said...

YOur churettu appam looks delicioius ! lovely photos