Thursday, December 07, 2006

Puran Poli

Puran poli-a delicacy prepared on any festive occasion in Maharashtra. Its one of the favorite dishes of my family. My little one loves it a lot so I used to buy the readymade frozen puranpoli for her and this is the first time I attempted to make one on my own. Turns out that it is really simple and easy to make and realize that fresh homemade ones are better than the readymade frozen ones. My job became easlier when I got this recipe from my MIL.... I know many of you must be good at this but since it was my first time and the poli turned out good, so thought of sharing this with you all, my friends.

I am posting this for this month's JFI hosted by Kay and this is the first time I am taking part in the event.

1 cup Channa dal or Tuver dal
1 cup Jaggery
1 tsp Cardamom powder
½ tsp Nutmeg powder
2 cups Wheat flour
1- 1/2 tsp Oil
1 cup Water
Salt to taste


  • Knead a smooth dough similar to one for making chappati, using wheat flour, oil, salt, and sufficient water, keep aside
  • Pressure cook Channa dal with 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt upto 3 whistles
  • If you have water in excess pour them out and keep it aside
  • Now add jaggery to this dal and stir continuously on low flame
  • Add cardamom and pinch of nutmeg to the mixture and continue stirring
  • If the mixture becomes too stiff you could add reserve water to it or if its runny continue stirring it. The mixture should be like a loose dough which could be spreadable.

(Channa dal mixture)

  • Take a lime size dough and roll it as you would for chappati but medium thickness and then spread the dal mixture on the chappati.

(Spread dal mixture on rolled out dough)

  • Now roll out another lime size dough into a chappati and place this rolled dough on the previously rolled dough and seal the edges with water.

(place the second rolled out dough on the earlier spreaded mixture)

  • Once again rollout the rolled dough gently so that they adhere to each other and are sealed properly
  • Place the puranpoli on a heated tava, after a few minutes when you see it puffing turn it and after a minute on the other side start pressing the puran poli with the back of a spoon turning them, it will puff up. This make the puran poli soft
  • Place it a plate and spread ghee on both the side......and there you have it friends Puran poli!!!!


You could have puran poli just like that or with any curry. I like it with Rajma and I use the reserved water from the cooked dal to cook rajma.

Alternatively you could also make them by rolling the dough in small circle as in puri then adding the tbsp of dal mixture in the center making a bundle and rolling them again using a little flour.


Asha said...

This dish we call 'Obbattu'in K'taka is a classic for every Kannada wedding! I plan to post this in Jan,lot of people were asking for it.Recipe is the same as as always.
It is easy to make at home but tastes delicious any way you make it,doesn't it?:) Enjoy and try and send it to Kay anyway,Mat be she will put it up.Looks delicious!

Sri said...

Thankyou Asha, I didn't know that it was classic dish for Kannad wedding, thankyou for the info...really this blogging thing has help me learn so many new things from other fellow bloggers too. BTW i took your advise and sent my post to Kay. I understand if she's not able to post it.:)

Kay said...

Not too late! :)

Lakshmi said...

Hi Sri, puran poli, mouthwatering , looks so good and delicious, you know actually I wanted to do this for the Jhiva event, but was so lazy and ended up doing paramannam, the simplest one. my elder kid and my husband's favorite.

Bong Mom said...

You Puran Poli looks sooooooo good Sri. I love PuranPoli though Bengalis don't make it
Didn't know you had a little one two

Sri said...

Thanks Kay. That was really nice of you.

Hi Lakshmi Thankyou... i think poli are easy to make if you have dough already in fridge you just have to pressure cook channa or tuver dal.:)

Hi Sandeepa thankyou. Yeah I have a 19 month old daughter.

TNL said...

I love this stuff...we call it Puran Poli in gujju too and another name is "Vedmi". Thanks for the recipe!


Seema Bhat said...

wow sri:
this looks delicious and i am gonna try this since it looks really easy too
thanks buddy

Sri said...

Hi Trupti...Didn't know it was called vedmi in gujju. God i was in gujarat for 20 years and never heard about that. Thanks Trupti.:)

Seema do try them they are easy to make. You'll love it.

Krithika said...

Looks perfect ! Love your first pic... cannot tell you have sealed two rotis together. Thanks for sharing

Sri said...

Hi Krithika yeah that's why i rolled them again after sealing them so they adhere to each other and doesn't pop open while heating them on griddle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sri... great stuff, my wife jyostna loves must be delighted considering it was your first attempt...thanks for sharing...~smile~

Sri said...

Hello Dilip, loved your wife's name "jyostna".Yes I was...Thanks to my MIL, this is her recipe.

Seema Bhat said...

you know what yesterday when i was talking to my mother in law she just mentioned me about making parathas from dal ...and here i see your recipe ...thanks a lot sri hubby and i luv dal and its healthy too ...will try this one out soon and let me know

Sri said...

Yeah good for kids little one loves this. let me know how it turned out...

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey sri this dish is totally new to me.Will surely give a try some time.Well in our place there is some what similar sweet called holige.Well but those are very thin .This look awesome.thanks for sharing

Shah cooks said...

I am new to ur blog and was amazed at the detailed pooran poli recipe. Now i hav eno excuse not to make it at home. I ahd tried and given up a long time back!thanks!

Sri said...

Hi Soumya Thank You. I hope you like puran poli too.

Hi Shaheen. Welcome to my blog...This procedure is real simple try it...I am sure you will love it too.

QIRON said...

Hi Sri, loved your recipe. Did not know one can have Puran Polis with Rajma. I personally like to have them with ghee and milk. I will try having them with Rajma next time.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. Loved it.

ashwini said...

realy good one sweet

Anonymous said...

This dish we call 'Obbattu'in K'taka is a classic for every Kannada wedding!

Anu said...

Hi Sri,

Your Poli looks delicious :)
I am Anu from My Scrawls. I have posted my version of puran poli in my blog. Do visit my blog in ur free time. Would be happy to receive ur comments :)