Monday, February 19, 2007

Khaman aka Khaman Dhokla

In Gujarat khaman and dhokla are considered as two different recepies however in Maharastra I found they called khaman as khaman dhokla. I make dhoklas but khaman I never tried making at home until I came across Daagh's blog ARAD. Now I make khaman dhokla quite often.

Thank you once again Daagh for this Jhatphat Khaman Dhokla, true to its name...came out fluffy and soft everytime I made it. I made a itsy-bitsy variation by adding little sugar to the batter and used red chili powder instead of green chilies.

This is my entry for Rooma's MBP, theme - Finger Foods and Starters.

This is also my entry for Trupti's - Little Chefs in the Kitchen, event. My li'l one is about 2 yrs old so its too early for her to help me in the kithcen, so I did not have her show up in the snaps however I am sending in this kid friendly recipe for this event.


1 cup Besan (gram flour)
1 cup Water
3 tbsp Lemon juice
3 tbsp Oil
1 tsp Eno Fruit salt
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
2 tbsp Sugar (plus 1tsp for batter)
1/3 tsp Red chili powder (Daagh calls for2 finely sliced green chilies )
Curry leaves


  • Mix togather besan, salt, 1 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp lemonjuice, red chili powder, sugar and water 1/2 cup or little less than that. The batter should not be runny, if so add little besan...should be kind of like idli batter
  • Heat up the pressure cooker with some water to steam the khaman or you could do as Daagh suggests, in a large vessel, take a glass of water and put a wire mesh upside down in the vessel. Make sure the top of the mesh is above water level
  • Grease a baking pan (you can also use cake pan).Now add Eno and mix well and pour this mixture right away in the greased plate/pan
  • Steam it for 20 minutes. To check if its done, insert a toothpick or knife and if it comes out clean its done
  • For tarka, heat remaining oil, add mustard seeds and curry leaves. Mix together remaining 1/2 cup water, sugar and lemon juice and pour into the tarka. Boil it
  • Take out dhokla and cut into pieces
  • Pour the tarka mixture over it
  • Garnish with corriander leaves and serve.....there you have it friends fluffy and soft khaman ever.


TNL said...

Wow...look at the fluffy cloud of goodness! this is a perfect entry, kids love to eat this stuff! Thanks so much.


Sia said...

good entry for both the events sri. looks so wonderfully fluffy and delicious. i love dhokla a lot. but never tried khaman though. they both look similar to me. will goooooogle:)

Asha said...

It does fluffy Sri.Great entry and I will give it a try.Thank you for the link.

Lakshmi said...

wow that looks perfect

Menu Today said...

Hi Sri,
I always use gits ready to use mix. I will try your version soon. Thanks

Seema Bhat said...

Sri, Dhokla looks sooo soo very fluffy. Perfect gal. I love it with spicy tomato chutney.

Daagh said...

the picture looks soooooooooo delicious :-)

Its so nice of you to give my blog's reference :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sri, here's a dish I have not tried making either -- and I have everything I need, even the eno. Shall have to try soon. I wanted to let you know I made the chole -- with amchur pwd. instead of dried amla. It was the best I've had, thanks!

J said...

Your dhokhlas look soft and fluffy!:) I like making dhoklas for the simplicity and subtle taste.

Mishmash ! said...

Dhokla lools perfect. Great photo too :)


Sangeeta said...

Hi Sri,

This looks sooooooo good. :) What would be a good substitute for Eno fruit salt?

Anonymous said...

Delicious looking entry!

Sri said...

Thank you Trupti, for hosting such a wonderful event.

Hi Sia, thank you. I also love both of them. According to what I know is that dhokla is more kind of our idli and khaman is very fluffy and soft....more airy.

Thank you Ashaji, do try them..and let me know how it turned out.

Hey Lakshmi...Thank you and welcome dear after a long break.

Sure MT, its really easy one.

Thanks Gujarat they use to have them with some yellow colored gravry/chutney....i have no clue what was it made of.

Thank you Daagh for this wonderful recipe. I make them quite often.

Hey Linda, do try making it...its really simple, quick and easy...and are really very fluffy and soft. I am glad that you loved chole masala. :)

Thank you Joytsna and Shn.

Hey Sangeeta I think baking soda should work...but its eno that gives it that extra porous texture...I never made using baking soda/powder though will be trying it next time.

Thank you Sailja.

Chandrika said...

Great entry and thank you for the recipe...They look so fluffy like white clouds..This is my first time here and I am wondering how I missed your blog so long...Will keep coming back! :-)

Anonymous said...

aha!! I was searching for this recipe from long time. dhokla looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

That perfectly fluffed up!!!! And a typical gujju side snack!! :) Nice entry Sri. :)

Gattina Cheung said...

Although I haven't tasted khaman, I'm already attracted to some ingredients! Very attractive photos too!

Mrs. Veena Furtado said...

nice pic & even the recipe.. i wanted to know which salt you mixed with the besan mixtutre?? is it normal salt?? please let me know.. i know nothing about dhokla thanks

Sri said...

Welcome chandrika...thank you for the kind words.

Try them Padmaja. I am sure you will love it.

Thanks Rooma.

Thank you Gattina

Hello Veena, this is not our ordinary table salt. Eno contains Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid...and
is readily available at indian grocery stores.

Bong Mom said...

hey hibernating in winter ? What's up ?

Sia said...

where r u sri?

TNL said...

Busy ho gayi Sri??

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey sri ,
good going dear.This looks so soft and spongy..hmm wish could taste it.

KA said...

What's up Sri? No posts from you since a long time..

Anonymous said...

Dokhla looks so perfect!! very colourful too.

Anonymous said...

wow...great dhoklas...I also have a similar dhokla recipe...non Khaman though...I will try and post it soon....thanks for sharing...lovely mouth watering pics...thanks again

Sri said...

Hey guys, thanks for checking on me.

Thank you, Soumya you could taste it...its really simple n easy to make.

Thanks Lera.

Hello Dilipji...Thankyou will be visiting your blog for dhokla :)

Reena said...

Thanks for the wonderful recipe. My question is how long can I store it in the fridge? I know it's really yummy and would go the instant I make it! But if I'm having guests over, can I make it a couple days ahead of time and keep it in the fridge?

If so, should I put the tadka at the last minute, or that can be put a couple days ahead of time too?

Thanks so much, would appreciate your response.

Pink Appul said...

Not only is this recipe wonderful, but also the music on your blog is soul soothing... Thank you for sharing both!

Anonymous said...

Hai friend,

Very good recipies, proffestional photographs, nice layout,whats else visitor needs, you have got it all,keep growing.


"Recipie writer/Blog contributors wanted" - Absolut ASL


Sonia said...

Hi Sri,
ur Dhokala recipe turned out very tangy and perfectly fluffy...!!!


Anonymous said...

Dhokla mast zale thanks ha..!!

Vaishu ;)

Niti said...

Hi Sri,

Thanks for the recipe..I will try it out tomorrow as my friends come..I usualy use instant khaman powder which my mom send s from India, but let me try this one.
How do u do this wonderful photography...

Girl With Big Eyes said...
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Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey, this was awesome. Thanks! The earlier recipes I had referred to asked me to microwave. The steaming really fluffed up the dhoklas whereas earlier the end result was something like a besan cake.

Unknown said...

ou can use 1UP raising agent in place of eno, result is same and its cost 2/3 of eno

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, dhokla looks light and fluffy. I have some pictures of dhokla on my blog, if you'd like to look:

It's such a healthy light snack, no?